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FlexCompress.NET vs ZipForge.NET

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There are two main advantages of the FlexCompress.NET:

Three different compression algorithms from fast with average compression rate to slow with extremely high compression rate.
Set of the best symmetric encryption algorithms available today. FlexCompress provides strong encryption and password protection for the archives.


FlexCompress easily outperforms most of all popular archivers like WinZip, PKZIP, WinRar in compression rate because it uses the PPM compression algorithms. This innovative algorithm provides maximum compresion rate among all other data lossless compression algorithms. As for speed, the fastest algorithm used in FlexCompress.NET is ZLIB Deflate that is a little faster then WinZip 8.0 SuperFast level. It is one of the fastest Deflate implementations available today.


We spent a lot of time to achieve optimal tuning of PPM, BZIP and Deflate (ZIP) compression algorithms, especially in optimizing them for compressing of large files. We provide full source code of FlexCompress.NET with Pro, Team, Site and Enterprise licenses.

Another great problem solved by FlexCompress.NET is a security of the archive files. Most of all existing compression libraries provides weak encryption algrotihm used in PKZIP. It is a really big problem for everybody who needs to compress private documents and store them in unsecure places or transmit them via network. Nowadays ZIP password of 8 symbols length for a given encrypted file can be recovered on any workstation within some hours. FlexCompress.NET provides strong encryption and password protection for archive files using the best symmetric encryption algorithms available today, including such well-known ciphers like Rijndael (Advanced Encryption Standard winner), DES, Twofish, Blowfish, etc.

FlexCompress.NET Pro, Team, Site and Enterprise licenses comes with full source code that allows you to make sure in security of its encryption scheme.


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