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Compression algorithms

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The FlexCompress.NET provides three main compression algorithms:

ZLIB algorithm (
BZIP algorithm (by Julian Seward,
PPM algorithm, variant G (by Dmitry Shkarin,


Typically ZLib is the fastest algorithm, BZIP is fast and has a good rate, PPM provides the maximum rate with rather low speed.

But it also depends on compression level: i.e. for some files BZIP with clNormal could give you both better compression rate and higher speed than ZLIB with clMax.

We provide full sources for FlexCompress Pro, Team, Site and Enterprise licenses. All low level compression routines are written in C++.


However we recommend you to runs some tests before you will use FlexCompress.NET in your applications. It will help you to optimize your application for your needs.


To see how much memory will be used by each compression algorithm, take a look at Memory consumption topic.

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