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Easy Compression Library contains a very easy in use replacements of TFileStream, TMemoryStream and other TStream descendants with advanced compression/decompression and encryption capabilities.


Compression is transparent, all the methods, properties and behavior of TFileStream and TMemoryStream are supported, and it is very simple to replace them in the application code. Moreover a lot of additional useful features are added, such as encryption, progress indication, etc.


In addition to a streaming compression ECL includes a set of common routines for compression and encryption of strings and memory buffers.


With ECL you could easily:

  • Create archive files of custom format having better rate than WinZip and WinRar
  • Compress data before transmitting it over the internet or a network
  • Compress Graphic, Memo and Blob fields in any database table, such as Paradox
  • Encrypt documents of the application using strong AES Rijndael encryption

    Key features:

    Ÿ     Compiles into exe - no dll/ocx required;

    Ÿ     Supports all the methods, properties and behavior of TFileStream and TMemoryStream;

    Ÿ     One stream provides transparent compression/decompression for write and read operations;

    Ÿ     Forward and backward seeks in compressed stream;

    Ÿ     Read and write any portion of data at any file position;

    Ÿ     OnProgress event handler;

    Ÿ     Compression rate indicator;

    Ÿ     Strong encryption provided by AES Rijndael algorithm;

    Ÿ     Could be configured to comply with U.S. and other export restrictions;

    Ÿ     Fastest compression levels are extremely fast;

    Ÿ     Good balanced compression levels provide both good rate and high speed;

    Ÿ     Maximum compression levels provide much better compression rate than Rar, Zip, etc.

    Ÿ     Provides a set of common routines for string and buffer compression/encryption;

    Ÿ     Small customizable footprint (45K-100K);

    Ÿ     Full source codes available;

    Ÿ     Includes comprehensive help and demos for Delphi and C++ Builder;


    If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact ComponentAce Support Team.


    See also Getting Started topic to start working with ECL quickly.


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