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ZipForge v.6.95 Personal Edition
Environment File Size  
Delphi 4 19.343 Mb Download
Delphi 5 19.346 Mb Download
Delphi 6 19.563 Mb Download
Delphi 7 19.588 Mb Download
Delphi 2005 19.571 Mb Download
Delphi 2006, C++ Builder 2006 19.793 Mb Download
Delphi 2007, C++ Builder 2007 19.796 Mb Download
Delphi 2009, C++ Builder 2009 19.601 Mb Download
Delphi 2010, C++ Builder 2010 19.632 Mb Download
Delphi XE, C++ Builder XE 19.631 Mb Download
Delphi XE2, C++ Builder XE2 20.268 Mb Download
Delphi XE3, C++ Builder XE3 25.318 Mb Download
Delphi XE4, C++ Builder XE4 21.029 Mb Download
Delphi XE5, C++ Builder XE5 21.034 Mb Download
Delphi XE6, C++ Builder XE6 21.028 Mb Download
Delphi XE7, C++ Builder XE7 21.029 Mb Download
Delphi XE8, C++ Builder XE8 21.033 Mb Download
Delphi XE10, C++ Builder XE10 21.031 Mb Download
Delphi 10.1, C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin 21.022 Mb Download
Delphi 10.2, C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo 21.005 Mb Download
Delphi 10.3, C++ Builder 10.3 Rio 21.006 Mb Download
Delphi 10.4, C++ Builder 10.4 Sydney 21.000 Mb Download
Delphi 11, C++ Builder 11 Alexandria 21.001 Mb Download
Delphi 12, C++ Builder 12 Athens 20.675 Mb Download
C++ Builder 4 19.604 Mb Download
C++ Builder 5 19.637 Mb Download
C++ Builder 6 19.893 Mb Download
Turbo Delphi and C++ Builder 19.793 Mb Download
D4-D2010, XE-12, CB4-CB2010, CB XE-12, Turbo Delphi and Turbo C++ Builder 63.470 Mb Download

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We made three requests of the technical support personnel and despite the fact that these were all implementation questions (not bugs in their software) we received support within 24 hours. It is rare to get such good customer support these days and I really appreciate everything ComponentAce has done for us.

Jason Goodridge, Development Manager

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