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FlexCompress        Example

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Specifies the FlexCompress options.



public ArchiverOptions Options { get; set; }


public class ArchiverOptions


  // Methods

  public ArchiverOptions();

  public void Assign(object Source);


  // Properties

  public bool CreateDirs { get; set; }

  public bool FlushBuffers { get; set; }

  public OverwriteMode Overwrite { get; set; }

  public bool Recurse { get; set; }

  public bool ReplaceReadOnly { get; set; }

  public FileAttributes SearchAttr { get; set; }

  public bool SetAttributes { get; set; }

  public FileShare ShareMode { get; set; }

  public StorePathMode StorePath { get; set; }




Public Property Options As ArchiverOptions


Public Class ArchiverOptions

  ' Methods

  Public Sub New()

  Public Sub Assign(ByVal Source As Object)


  ' Properties

  Public Property CreateDirs As Boolean

  Public Property FlushBuffers As Boolean

  Public Property Overwrite As OverwriteMode

  Public Property Recurse As Boolean

  Public Property ReplaceReadOnly As Boolean

  Public Property SearchAttr As FileAttributes

  Public Property SetAttributes As Boolean

  Public Property ShareMode As FileShare

  Public Property StorePath As StorePathMode

End Class




Specify neccessary Options for FlexCompress operations.


Recurse specifies if FindFirst, AddFiles, ExtractFiles, TestFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles and DeleteFiles methods will search files recursively. This means that if some folder meets search conditions then all files and directories within this folder will be scanned. For example, if you set Recurse to true and call AddFiles("C:\\*.*",FileAttributes.Nornal) all files and folders located on disk C: will be added to the archive.


Set CreateDirs to True if you need to extract files with creating all neccessary folders.


FlushBuffers specifies whether the file buffers will be flushed after archive file modification and after extracting files from archive.


If ReplaceReadOnly set to True it means that all existing read only files will be replaced with the files being extracted by ExtractFiles.


SetAttributes determines whether attributes stored within the archive will be applied to files being extracted by ExtractFiles.


SearchAttr specifies the special files to include in addition to all normal files for FindFirst, AddFiles, ExtractFiles, TestFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles and DeleteFiles methods variant without parameters


StorePath defines how path infromation will be stored for the file or directory within the archive file. This option applies to AddFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles methods.


ShareMode specifies how the files being added to the archive will be opened for simulatenous access. Set this option before calling AddFiles, MoveFiles or UpdateFiles .


OverwriteMode specifies whether extracted files will overwrite existing files. Set this option before calling ExtractFiles, AddFiles, MoveFiles or UpdateFiles.


OEMFileNames specifies whether file names strored in archive are translated into OEM character set.


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