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Occurs in case of failure of the current operation.


public event OnProcessFileFailureDelegate OnProcessFileFailure;

public delegate void OnProcessFileFailureDelegate(object sender, string fileName, ProcessOperation operation, int nativeError, int errorCode, string errorMessage, FailureAction action);




Public Event OnProcessFileFailure As OnProcessFileFailureDelegate

Public Delegate Sub OnProcessFileFailureDelegate(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal fileName As String, ByVal operation As ProcessOperation, ByVal nativeError As Integer, ByVal errorCode As Integer, ByVal errorMessage As String, ByVal action As FailureAction)




Write an OnProcessFileFailure event handler to perform some specific actions when archive operation failes. OnProcessFileFailure event is triggered by AddFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles, DeleteFiles, TestFiles or ExtractFiles if any file error occurs in the listed methods. If you will not specify event handler for OnProcessFileFailure any error will raise an exception.


The Sender parameter is the object whose event handler is called. 


FileName indicates current file name.


Operation indicates current archive operation.


NativeError indicates internal error code that is unique for each error handled by FlexCompress. If OnProcessFileFailure triggers due to unknown internal error, please report about your problem to


ErrorCode indicates common type of the error. You can find error codes list at FCConst unit supplied with product.


ErrorMessage indicates error message text.


Action specifies whether the operation with the file should be retried, aborted or the error is to be ignored to process the next file.

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