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Specifies files to be excluded from archive updating operations.



public StringCollection ExclusionMasks { get; }



Public ReadOnly Property ExclusionMasks As StringCollection




ExclusionMasks are used for overloaded versions without parameters of FindFirst, AddFiles, ExtractFiles, TestFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles and DeleteFiles methods to exclude certain files for these operations. This property should contain list of excluded directories and file names including wildcard characters. For example, 'C:\TEST\*.*' specifies all files in the C:\TEST directory.


Three types of exclusion masks can be specified:

1. A mask for the whole BaseDir and all its sub-folders.

2. A mask for the BaseDir only.

3. A mask for an exact full path.


For example:

1.  *.txt  - exclude *.txt in the BaseDir and its sub-folders

2.  \*.txt - exclude *.txt files in the BaseDir only

3.  C:\The\Full\Path\*.txt - exclude the *.txt files only in the C:\The\Full\Path folder.


Note:    FileMasks property specifies files that should be included into the operation, excluding files specified by ExclusionMasks. If you need to store certain files without compression use NoCompressionMasks property.


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