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Compresses and/or encrypts huge files (> 2Gb).






procedure ECLCompressHugeFile(SourceFile, DestFile: String; Password: String = ''; compressionLevel: TECLCompressionLevel = DefaultCompressionLevel; OnProgress: TECLProgressEvent = nil);



Call ECLCompressHugeFile to compress huge file. This function works even under Delphi and C++ Builder 4,5. If errors occurs ECLCompressHugeFile raises an exception.Use ECLDecompressHugeFile to decompress file.


SourceFile parameter specifies a file to compress.

DestFile parameter specifies a compressed file name.

Password is a password to encrypt file. If Password is empty file will not be encrypted.

CompressionLevel specifies desired compression level for this file.

OnProgress is a progress event handler.

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