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Moves the current position of the stream by Offset bytes, relative to the origin specified by Origin.


function Seek(Offset: Longint; Origin: Word): Longint; override;



Use Seek to move the current position within the memory stream by the indicated offset. Seek allows an application to read from or write to a particular location within the data associated with the memory stream.


If Offset is a negative number, the seek is backward from the specified origin. The following table shows the different values of Origin and their meanings for seeking.




Offset is from the beginning of the resource. Seek moves to the position Offset. Offset must be >= 0.


Offset is from the current position in the resource. Seek moves to Position + Offset.


Offset is from the end of the resource. Offset must be <= 0 to indicate a number of bytes before the end of the file.


Seek returns the new value of the Position property, the new current position in the resource.


Note:      Seek does no error checking on the value provided for Offset. Do not call seek with an offset that would move the current position less than 0 (before the start of memory data) or greater than Size (beyond the end of the memory buffer).

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