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Refetches the active record and the records that precede and follow it.

type TResyncMode = set of (rmExact, rmCenter);
procedure Resync(Mode: TResyncMode); virtual;

Resync is used internally by other dataset methods to resynchronize the Delphi dataset with underlying physical data when making calls that may change the cursor position. Applications should use the Refresh method instead of calling Resync.

Mode indicates optional processing that Resync should handle. If Mode contains rmExact, Resync raises an exception if Resync is called when the cursor is not positioned on a valid record. If Mode contains rmCenter, Resync positions the active record in the center of all buffered records.

Regardless of Mode, Resync also activates the buffers for the active record, retrieves prior and subsequent records for display purposes, and triggers a dataset change event.
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