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Repairs and compacts all data of the database associated with this database component.

function RepairDatabase(NewDatabaseFileName: string; var Log: string): Boolean; overload;
function RepairDatabase: string; overload;

Call RepairDatabase to compact database and repair data corruption that could occur due to hard disk failure, power loss or improper operating system shutdown.
RepairDatabase returns True if repair completed successfully, the data is completely recovered and there was not any data loss.
In this case the Log parameter value is blank.
If some tables were corrupted and the data is partially recovered, RepairDatabase return False and the Log parameter contains a string with the recovering errors list.

Note:   Repairing a database could be a lengthy process if you are working with large database. Use BeforeRepair, OnRepairProgress and AfterRepair event handlers to display the progress of a database repairing process.

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