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Specifying the Fields to Create

The TABSTable.FieldDefs property is used to specify which fields to define for the new table. The FieldDefs property is an array of TFieldDef objects, each of which contains information about the field to create. You may add new TFieldDef objects using the Add method of the TFieldDefs object stored in the FieldDefs property. The Add method accepts the following parameters for the field being defined:

Field Name (String)
Field Name parameter indicates the name to give the field.    
Data Type (TFieldType)
DataType parameter indicates the data type of the field Supported TFieldType data types
Size (Word)
Size parameter indicates the size of the field. This should be specified for the FixedChar,String,WideString, Bytes and VarBytes types only. For all other data types this parameter should be set as 0. For the String type this parameter indicates the length of the field. For the WideString type this parameter indicates the size of the unicode string in bytes.
Required (Boolean)
Required parameter indicates whether or not the new field should be required (not Null) while adding or modifying records.

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